Area Around the Eyes

Taking care of that area around the eyes…

October 22, 2013 by Erinn Thompson - 2 Comments

Let’s start by looking at some of the characteristics of the eye area….

Several muscles that contract with facial expressions surround the eye area. As we age, the thick collagen network that gives skin it’s structural support, begins to lose its integrity. This means that the skin around the eyes becomes less resilient and begins losing elasticity. This is compounded by the fact that this area of the face is ten times thinner than other areas. Now, these simple facts are, in themselves, reason to explain why we get puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles around the eye area. While some of these results are also hereditary in nature, there are a number of external factors that can contribute to the degradation of the eye area. Sun exposure is one of the top reasons this degradation happens, due to a resulting break down in collagen levels and increase in melanin production (which darkens the skin). In addition to sun exposure, allergies, and unhealthy diet, smoke and/or smoking, and stress can lead to free radical damage, which results in thinning of the skin and even more loss of collagen. Physiologically, these factors can cause a buildup of pressure in the small capillaries of the skin, which can result in blood retention, and loss of blood flow. Cosmetically, this means that the area in and around the eyes can look dark and puffy.

So, is there any way that we can save the skin around our eyes, and combat this aging onslaught? Thankfully, the answer is, “Yes!” A facial that emphasizes massage can be an excellent first step in treating the delicate eye area by draining the facial lymph tissues, resulting in a decrease in puffiness and dark circles. An anti-aging eye regimen that is gentle, yet strong enough to help combat all of these issues, is an important second step. It is fortunate that there are a number of natural skincare nutrients and products that can reduce dark circles and puffiness and help preserve collagen integrity in this delicate area. Use of Shea Butter, Almond and Olive Oils all have been shown to be extremely effective eye treatments. We can make treatment even more effective by adding monthly Paraffin Mask Facials. Grape seed extract, cucumber extract, and algae extract create a “triple threat” in this treatment. The grape seed extract is a potent antioxidant that can help reduce the signs of sun damage while decreasing puffiness and promoting wound healing. Additionally, the cucumber extract seems to have anti-inflammatory benefits as well as the benefit of calming and soothing the eye area. Algae extract is rich in iodine and believed to stimulate the metabolic processes, resulting in skin tightening and increased collagen production. So, take care of your peepers by following these simple suggestions, and when in doubt, enjoy a nice glass of wine (grape seed extract) and eat your veggies!