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Your face will be treated to only the purest, animal cruelty-free products that have been derived from extracts of fruits, vegetables, seeds, plants, and milk proteins and are absent of toxic fragrances, dyes, and chemicals. You'll notice glowing skin after just one relaxing treatment!

Facial Extraordinaire

Sooth, rejuvenate, and nourish your skin with the exhilarating sensations and invigorating aromas such as grape, papaya, citrus, and cherry featured in this Rhoda Allison-designed facial that was rated Best Facial Treatment by Allure Magazine.

For any skin type. $130


Grape Passion Antioxidant Facial

A Bloom favorite! Your skin will love the noticeable benefits of this treatment featuring a 20% lactic peel and Rhonda Allison’s grape medley. Superior blends of active grape seed extracts, rich fruits and vegetables, milk acids, and nutrient building ingredients will slow down signs of aging by improving the overall effects of free radical damage.

For normal skin. $130


Fruitzyme Rejuvenator Facial

One of the first steps toward healthier skin is lifting away dead skin cells with this three–step, 25% alpha hydroxy acid fruitzyme exfoliator that smooths and polishes your complexion. The beneficial compounds of cherry and pomegranate nurture skin tissue to build and strengthen. Your skin will feel replenished, look younger, and boast a rosy glow.

For all skin types. $110


Firming Hot Pumpkin Pie Treatment

This anti–aging facial begins with a lathery, 10% glycolic, lactic cleansing and exfoliation, with aromas of pumpkin and spicy ginger, to resurface skin and fight free radicals. A creamy milk mask is the nourishing, moisture–rich topping to this treatment.

For pigmented or normal skin. $110


Back Treatment

Banish blemishes and redness with this all–natural treatment utilizing fresh fruits like orange and lemon.

For oily skin and acne. $85


Blueberry Radiance Facial

Fine oils extracted from sumptuous grapes and blended with cinnamon and clove oils are just the beginning of this thoroughly soothing experience. Cherries, pomegranates, blueberries, red berries, and raspberries all work together to cleanse, nourish, and provide balance to your skin for a refined finishing touch.

For all skin types $110


Multi–Vitamin/Hydrating Facial

Has your skin had its vitamins today? Following an exfoliating enzyme, your skin will soak up a special hydrating cocktail of vitamins C and E, grape extracts, essential fatty acids, and yam. This treatment is finished with a moisturizing honey and paprika mask.

For normal or dry skin. $105


Stimulating Deep Pore Cleanse Facial

Enjoy the squeaky clean results of this very stimulating and hot facial. An application of organic pumpkin, vitamins, and antioxidants is followed by a stimulating green tea mask to provide the perfect remedy for problematic skin.

For normal or oily skin. $90


The Triple Enzyme Facial

First, you will receive a liquid enzyme application that peels away dead skin cells instantly! The second step is a wonderfully exotic pineapple cream that lifts away loosened skin cells while polishing and smoothing your complexion. The final enzyme applied is a potent blend of many rich flavonoid fruits and veggies to infuse antioxidants and nutrients into the skin.

For normal and non–sensitive skin. $110


Express Facial Treatment

This facial cleanses, exfoliates, and massages the skin while steam is applied. Extractions are performed where necessary, and a fruit mask is applied. Refresh your face in just fifty minutes!

For all skin types. $80


Maui Spa Facial

This facial is designed to smooth, soften, and hydrate your skin using natural extracts from fresh Hawaiian pineapple. The gentle enzyme action of pineapple provides just the right exfoliation while infusing essential nutrients.

For normal skin. $110


Rosacea Blue Facial

A chilled blue mask mixed with a nourishing milk mask is applied to the skin after cleansing with citrus gel and exfoliating with gentle pineapple. Finally, a rosacea serum and an exotic rhodiola with SPF are applied for a soothing experience.

For sensitive skin and rosacea. $95


Tighten and Lift Facial

This mask treatment containing vitamin A, hyluronic acid, and aloe has been found to improve the appearance of sagging skin and scarring associated with adult or adolescent acne.

For all skin types. $102

With collagen booster. $130


Collagen Facial

This treatment starts with a pineapple and papaya gommage exfoliant infusing hyluronic acid into the skin, followed by a 20 minute facial massage and extractions. Finishing this treatment is a pure collagen, tightening and lifting ampule that is applied to plump up skin and heal existing discoloration. Perfect before a date or any other important night out!

For all skin types. $120


Blemish Control Facial

A potent salicylic paste and antioxidant serum is applied, followed by extractions and a stimulating organic green tea mask. This treatment is a deep pore cleanse and aids in diminishing acne lesions.

For oily skin and acne. $90


Clear Complexion Facial

This facial features a deep enzymatic action combined with fruit acids to aid problematic skin. Any necessary extractions are followed by a purifying antibacterial mask to assist in preventing future blemishes.

For all skin types. $90

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